This time Smith Journal investigates the art of adventure -- those who are addicted to the thrill of the chase. They talk to Ben Carlin-- A Perth man who dedicated most of his youth to circling the globe in a floating car. He weathered storms, financial ruin and ridicule for his crazy dream, but still managed to triumph.
Also in the mix is the Indigenous tightrope walker Con Colleano. He spent years trying to land a near-impossible trick: the forward summersault. And when he finally did it, he became a global superstar.
There’s an investigation of Brazil's illegal hot air balloon subculture, too. It’s a scene populated by master craftsmen – and fearless gangs. Their golden rule: the person who reaches a downed balloon first owns it. So, it pays to be speedy.
On top of all that, there’s stuff about Fritz Kahn (the father of scientific infographics), Jimmy Ellis (a mysterious singer with a spookily familiar voice), and Yoshi Kojima (the Indiana Jones of international butterfly smuggling).