LABOR | Issue No.2

LABOR | Issue No.2

LABOR is a Buenos Aires based arts + culture publication - this is their inaugural issue.

It's writings + photography focus on process and creative work.  You'll find their influences and research; methodologies,systems, sketches and drafts, tools, materials + workplaces.

FEATURING: Apparatu (ES), Gonzalo Abrbutti (ARG), Atelier Bow Wow (JP), Caja Negra (ARG), Matia Duville (ARG), William Engelen (GER), Partricia Frazzi (ARG), Edward Frenkel (RUS), Maxim Godnev (RUS), Nadine Goepfert (GER), Sanna Helena Berger (GER), Hort (GER), Valentina Liernur (GER), Armin Linke (GER), John Mause, Malin Gabriella Nordin, Ignacio Parodi (ARG), Pablo Pijnappel (BRZ), Paco Savio (ARG), Daniel Schavelzon (ARG), Till Wiedeck (GER).