M U T I N Y was founded out of a need for something missing.  Most things are.  Founded in 2009 as an installation in Washington, DC, we had a desire for things that were simplified, well-crafted + smart. What ensued were quiet narratives inspired by men-folk we admire.

M U T I N Y has grown into an online shop with a New York based flagship. 

We're careful to construct collections that include lifestyle, home + apparel.  Most we've sourced from road trips in our '72 Rover meeting makers + thinkers along the way to places like Tennessee, West Texas, California, + Shoreditch.
We have worked with the likes of Arpenteur, Tender Co., The Hill-Side, Aesop, Howlin, Universal Works, Portuguese Flannel, Cause & Effect, Kapital, PostalCo, and Grown & Sewn, as well as our own working studio, ANGLER-FOE - it's been pretty rewarding.
M U T I N Y  is a family run project - our flagship can be found on the historic Warren Street in Hudson, New York.

We are aesthetes + we revel in the hard to find and well made.  

Please feel free to submit your work in photography, journalism, street art, ETC for collaborations.