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[1] TRAIN DREAMS ,, dennis johnson [2] MEMOIRS OF A BEATNIK ,, diane de prima  [3] ON BOOZE ,, f.scott fitzgerald [4] ESSAYS ,, wallace shawn [5] THE MAN WHO WAS THURSDAY ,, g.k. chesterton  [6] THE ART OF TRAVEL ,, alain de botton [7] SMUT ,, alan bennett  [8] THE PURSUED ,, c.s. forester  [9] ANTWERP ,, roberto bolano  [10] A FRACTION OF THE WHOLE ,, steve toltz


presenting our inaugural list of [READS].  some of these are old friends we relish - either earmarked pages or certain passages that lead to day-dream.  some are our first go - like SMUT & BEATNIK.  given it's summer, all cast here are light & amusing in nature. most fit in your back pocket.


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