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Summer Beer Can Chicken: smoky, delicious ease for a Summer afternoon.

After the first introductory, we pondered this idea for a while - not a deep ponder, more like a fast-paced curiosity once the beer got involved. Chicken, beer, fire, minimal prep - seemed like a winning situation. This week we put it to task - we added a few extra favorites in the end : DC BRAU, Manchego, Rustic Brown Bread, Olive Oil, Red Onions, and Avocado.

MUTINY_beercan_1 HERE'S WHAT ... 4 pound Range Free Chicken (we used Free Bird) 2 tablespoons of good olive oil 3 tablespoons of dry rub (we used JUST COOK Herbed Coffee Rub) Coarse Black Pepper Maldon Sea Salt (any one will do - we're keen on the flaky variety) 1 can of beer (for the purpose of staying local - we used Blackwing Lager on the grill.

Get the grill heated with your regular fuel, bricks or wood --- be sure that you move the heat around to the sides once it's ready as you don't want the heat directly under the chicken (just around it).
Clear the chicken of giblets, etc. from the cavity of the bird - Free Bird comes giblet free. Brush or coat the bird with the olive oil, rub and salt & pepper. Empty some of the beer out (drink it, don't waste it) and plunk the chicken over the top of the beer can - be sensible & use a flat surface. Transfer the duo to the grate on the grill and cover ...
1 hour 20 minutes
Rest for another 10 minutes prior to your first cut. It will be hard to wait 10 minutes - the smells are too good and you won't believe how juicy the bird is. Remove the can before the knife hits the board.
MUTINY_beercan_2 MUTINY_beercan_3 MUTINY_beercan_4 MUTINY_beercan_5 MUTINY_beercan_6

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