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Postal Co. at Mutiny
  We're always inspired by the minimal design + functionality of the Postal Co. line. Founded in Brooklyn and made in Japan, the goods were borne of an appreciation for the beauty of understatement, and of a love for international mail transport. The attention to detail and craft is, for our money, without parallel – each piece we carry is a favorite.   Once a year, we have the experience of meeting Mike Abelson, founder and designer of POSTALCO. He travels from his home in Tokyo to New York with his trusted assistant, Yu Ikegaya, to reveal his new collection. It is always done with the same subtle & perfect execution as each good he creates and it is always in a  ‘place of interest.' Back alleys, underground hallways, a hidden-away-type of New York architecture. A scent usually burns in front of the entrance – something like the forest of Yakushima with its 1,000 year old cedar trees, and a gentle bow greets you at the door. You enter to find each good purposefully placed, perfectly aligned with its complementing other. Small, hand-stitched leather goods are next to pressed linen notecards and writing tablets. Colors are bold, yet simple. Brass casted implements highlight each table – the practicality and thoughtfulness is engaging. Abelson personally walks you through each one, performing its functionality and its footprint (Ikegaya quietly, swiftly rearranges behind you – you start to doubt his presence.). The visit ends with another bow – this time with a gift for your travels. Small sweets from Japan – so handsomely wrapped that we rarely unravel them.   You might think this is extraordinary for paper, but Abelson has done something for the tactile that engages those dedicated to craft. He reminds of the beauty of a written note, the beauty of having something so well made, we have it with us for all our days. His collaborations have extended from the Smithsonian to Sunspel – this year with the Calder Foundation. Imagine arriving on a high New York rooftop in April, only to enter the Calder Family’s private collection: writing tablets and small leather goods perfectly placed amongst playful mobiles. A gentle bow at the door.   Items shown, top - bottom : A7 Pingraph Notepad (shown with the Delfonics Ball Point Pen), A5 Snap Pad, and the A5 Chance Printed Notebook, shown with the Midori Brass Pencil Case.   Shop our full collection of Writing Goods, here.

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