Holiday Place Setting with BYT

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  Screen Shot 2013-12-06 at 8.58.28 PM     We met with Brightest Young Things to talk about what we love most about the holidays and our dearest traditions. They covered different holiday place settings--- you can read the full article here to see how our friends in DC set their holiday table. An excerpt about our table is below:    

While you might not be able to escape to a log cabin this winter, menswear and lifestyle boutique MUTINY is thrilled to bring the mountains to you. On a dark, cold night settle into a place setting fit for an adventurer, complete with black coffee, whiskey, fresh figs, linen, peppercorn and rustic bread.   “I think the place setting is as important as the meal and I think the way you set your table sets the tone for conversation,” founder M. Gert Barkovic tells me in the shop’s new workspace. “For me this is the type of gift giving that I like to do, kind of the textiles. It’s the gift they give later that you can share with your friends that’s really special.”   As the founder of a company that prides itself on storytelling, the gift of giving long after the meal is one of Barkovic’s main objectives in hosting. Barkovic, whose ideal dinner party scenario closes with lazing around with friends and a glass of port after the meal, notes enjoying company is one of her favorite moments of entertaining. It’s what makes this set-up so perfect; it’s so well put together you could surround yourself with it all night long, chatting over a drink until morning comes.   To craft a place setting your guests will always remember, Barkovic scouts antique shops for pieces that “feel like antiques you could find in your great uncle’s house” as well as farmers markets and local suppliers for the perfect centerpiece. Mix textures (dulled antique silver plates alongside gleaming tin mugs of whiskey) and search for common tones, with one or two that pop (here, a deep royal blue does the trick).     Table Settings - JM 22Table Settings - JM 19     “I think we kind of amp it up during the holidays,” she says of her table decoration. “There’s something endearing about having your friends and family around the table–it’s just an extra layer of whatever you’re already doing.”   So what would one serve at such a rugged table?   “Our food might be a little more gamey in spirit,” Barkovic says, siting boar, pheasant and venison as the most likely candidates. The heartiness of food coupled with the rustic ambiance you create here is a guaranteed winter memory your guests will share for years to come.     Table Settings - JM 21


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