In the Workroom with Urban Daddy

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    the Mutiny Workroom     Urban Daddy came to visit us at our new workroom at 52 O Street-- we had a real time and love the article that they just posted of our space. [THANKS GUYS!] Here's a recap from the article:     "One-stop shopping. It’s convenient.   One-stop shopping for wool jackets, selvage denim and shaving cream. It’s convenient. And... slightly awesome. Hey, let’s throw in some flasks, too.   Welcome to the Mutiny Workroom, a highly curated shop of men’s... everything, now soft-open just off North Capitol Street.   What you’re dealing with here: nostalgic-minded folks who drive a 1972 Range Rover around the country, collecting new and vintage men’s stuff along the way. You may have seen their pop-ups.   Well, now they’ve set up shop in a former grocery warehouse. Just drop in, or make an appointment if you’d like them to pull some sizes for you. You’ll see a stack of firewood, some old lockers and lights made from fishing baskets. Which is cool. They’ll hand you some coffee or a beer, which is also cool.   But you’re here for the stuff you can take with you. Like wool jackets made by a London art professor. Belts weathered in a Tennessee stream. Boxers made from Japanese chambray with 100-year-old buttons. And shaving cream made in Austin by a DC native.   In short: you’ll like this stuff. So will your friends. Which is why they’ll be doing door-to-door drop-offs for Christmas in said Range Rover.   Beat that, Santa. "     Screen Shot 2013-11-10 at 5.15.11 PM Screen Shot 2013-11-10 at 5.20.46 PM

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