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Thatcher   MAN'S BEST FRIEND ---- we've heard the colloquialism time and time again. Growing up with a German Shepherd, Huskies and a motley crew of others - we always felt a kinship and love for the four-legged family member.  The acknowledgment was more from the prospective of a kid - our dogs were great, but we HAD to walk them, feed them and other measures that were understood to be chores.  Rides in the station wagon meant dogs were in the way-back, their excited breath in our ears sent persistent complaints to the old man.  Pretty sure that's not the vision he had for a summer drive.   Like most - our dogs let us torture, play and ride them through the house without wince.  They laid at our side when we scrapped a knee.  Licked wounds, howled with our laughs and were always waiting at the door.   STEADFAST COMPANIONS they all were.   Enter THATCHER.  Last week a spry Corgi in Texas needed a home and turns out we needed him.  Here at MUTINY, Thatcher has brought more manliness with a swag in his step than we could muster.   We kid that he's the new director, but we're starting to think he really is ...   His loyalty and calm self is the best addition we've made - you'll be seeing him in the old Landy & workroom soon.   Be sure to say "THATCHER !!!! "   Signed,   Rob & Gert

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