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Volume 1 : Supply & Resources
The foundation of MUTINY came from an installation we had created based on personal artifacts.  The collection was masculine based and fast became an individual from our imagination - what did he wear, what did he smell like, what did he read, where did he go ---- Old road maps, architectural instruments, books both new + old, Kings County Whiskey, vintage motorcycle helmets, black trousers.
It was a culmination of items we had been collecting for some time - they had an aesthetic appeal that held reverence to the past. We wanted to recognize the simple things that we've passed over or have lost and are now rediscovering through travel and meeting those that are engaged with their craft.
With the natural progression of our first installation, MUTINY has become what we believe is the ideal for the masculine - with a bit of introspection.  We feel that our individual has the inclination to read, observe, wander, create, and give back - for us there is a solid transition from the cerebral aspects of our collection to the clothing.  We don't take ourselves too seriously, either, this is just the right fit. MUTINY doesn't subscribe to trends or seasons so much as it brings together elements that can stand on their own.  They are small runs, well thought out, and well made.
To capture the character of our first collection, we are very happy to release our Supply & Resources, VOLUME 1. It is the perfect collaboration with Morgan Hungerford West of PANDA HEAD MAGAZINE, photographer, Justin T. Gellerson and MUTINY'S founder, M.Gert Barkovic.  The backdrop is our neighborhood in Washington, DC.  VOLUME 1 forecasts our ideal perspective for the masculine attitude.  We hope you'll enjoy it !
your comrades at MUTINY DC

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